About the University: USACH

La Universidad de Santiago de Chile (The University of Santiago de Chile) is the fifth-oldest university in Chile.  Its roots go back to 1849, when it was known as a school for carpentry, mining, and mechanics.

Today, it has departments in Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration and Economics, Chemistry and Biology, Sciences and Medical Sciences, Humanities, Architecture, and Technology.

I chose this school for two reasons.  The first, very practical reason is that the cost of this program, compared to the cost of similar programs in other universities, works very well with my budget.  I’m still going to be working as a freelance teacher and translator while I study, and will be paying my tuition month by month. Anyone who has worked as a teacher knows that teachers aren’t swimming in money, so this choice works well for my current situation.   Although the price is lower, USACH is still seen as a very respected university within Chile, and is known for it’s association with popular causes.  This was the second, and perhaps more beautiful, reason that I chose to study here.  I want to take my research into rural areas of Chile, to public schools with little funding and little access to native English speakers.  I hope to find successful strategies to present to MINEDUC (The Ministry of Education) that will help the public school students of Chile, whether they are in the capital or the outlying regions, to achieve better proficiency in English– something that will no doubt increase their scholarship and career chances in the future.



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